Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale, Inc. Board

Christine Kovach, Chair
Mike Surguine, Vice-Chair
Mike Miller, Treasurer
Lynne Lagarde, Secretary
Dr. Art DeCabooter
Diana Yazzie Devine
Joan Fudala
John Graham
Dan Gruber
Steve Hilton


Rachel Sacco
Wellington Reiter

Advisory Board

Richard Bowers
Dr. Robert Breunig
Dr. Lattie Coor
John Flicker
Dr. Jan Gehler
Robert Perciasepe


Executive Director
Sam Campana

Director of Development
Randy Schilling

Executive Assistant
Cecilia Riviere

My turn: Desert Discovery Center historical record

My turn: Desert Discovery Center historical record

By Bob Cafarella and Art DeCabooter (originally published by the Scottsdale Independent, July 29, 2016). Our intent is to provide historical information to assist in the community input to the consultant’s work to determine the preferred scope and content of this long planned…

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